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We aspire to build and share a place where people live in harmony with the rest of nature;

where there is neither violence nor threat of violence; where decision-making is primarily by consensus; where mutual helpfulness is a norm; where there is peace and quiet for reflection and meditation;

and where the joy of life is celebrated.

We are all responsible for co-creating our community and enabling it to function the way we want it to.


Kahlil Gibran

Membership at FLCC requires four work hours per adult per year, with the option

to pay in lieu of work if it is not possible to participate in that way some year/s.

The FLCC Property Committee maintains and shares information about needed tasks,

and hosts periodic work parties. 


Work hours can be served in many ways including:

  • contributing approved physical labor to FLCC maintenance

  • participating in committees and committee activities at FLCC

  • helping with administrative tasks

  • performing tasks associated with the Michigan Friends Center, such as periodic cleaning or program/marketing help

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