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Thank you for your interest in Friends Lake Cooperative Community (FLCC)!​

We allow a free trial visit for prospective members, and request that people use this before applying for membership.

We value the building of an intentional community. The application process is designed

so we can learn about each other and there is mutual understanding

about expectations involved in membership and participation in FLCC.


Please follow the steps below to begin.

Please do NOT fill out the online membership form and send dues

until all of the steps have been completed and you have been asked to do so.

Premature submission of the form and dues will not accelerate your becoming a member. To the contrary, it may delay it, as it creates challenges within our communication and tracking processes.

  1.  Send an email to Ann Alvarez, FLCC Membership Committee Convener, letting her know of your interest. She will send you a copy of the FLCC Guidelines and Structure and Procedures documents (or you can read them here). Email Ann at

  2.  Have a conversation with Ann. This can be exploratory or, if you are ready, can include review of the FLCC documents above.

  3. Visit the lake with an FLCC representative to show you around, unless you already are familiar with the grounds and facilities.

  4. If you decide you want to apply for membership, please send a brief (e.g., half-page) letter of introduction. You will receive more information on this when the time comes.

  5. If the membership limit has not been reached and if this is looking like a good fit, we will send you the online membership form to submit.

  6.  Once you have completed the membership form and paid your membership dues, you are welcome to come out and enjoy FLCC!


We appreciate your participating in our thorough process - it shows your intentionality and

allows us to get to know one another. If you are interested, please do get in touch!

We love to welcome new members to FLCC!

Annual Membership Dues


Please note that the membership year is a calendar year - January 1 through December 31.

LOCAL MEMBERS: those living under 16 miles from FLCC

NEAR DISTANT MEMBERS:  those living 16 - 60 miles from FLCC (includes most of the Ann Arbor area)

FAR DISTANT MEMBERS: those living over 60 miles from FLCC (these members pay the "Local Dues" if they spend more than 14 nights/year at FLCC)


Family Rate: $285

Individual Rate: $170


Family Rate: $255

Individual Rate: $155


Family Rate: $145

Individual Rate: $100

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