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Friends Lake Cooperative Community (FLCC) is operated cooperatively by its members. The name reflects its origin from when a group of Quaker families bought 70 acres in 1961 and created this community, emphasizing simplicity, ecology, and caring. Membership is open to all who share these values and support the guidelines and processes of FLCC. Members share this serene setting in harmony with nature, where the joy of life is celebrated and where decision-making reflects a search for spirit-led action.

 Located just three miles northwest of Chelsea, Michigan, FLCC includes wooded hills, walking trails, wildflowers, and wetland, all contiguous with the Waterloo Recreation Area.

Facilities include a rustic campground and a common area lakeside complete with a beachhouse, changing area, firepit, outhouses, hammock, and play structure. 

Community members enjoy the use of canoes, kayaks, and rowboat, along with necessary equipment, with plans to make our sauna available again later this year!

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